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Hi All
Programme for the next few weeks – don’t miss out on all the fun!
There WILL be language classes each week from 7:45-8:30pm for those who wish, but unfortunately NO classes on 22nd February or 1st March due to a different activity schedule for those weeks.

February 22nd – Chinese New Year Themed Evening (the actual date was 16th February!)

March 1st *To be held at Foxy’s Cafe Penarth* – All Things Welsh Themed evening

March 8th – Chill Night

March 15th – AMA in Sao Tome – A Charity working in the Portuguese speaking island off West Africa
March 22nd – Themed Evening – St Patrick’s Day (Irish) Celebration (17th Actual Date)
March 24th – Cafe Trip to Swindon/Cheltenham/Bath? To be decided asap!
March 29th – Quiz Night & Why Easter?
* Please note that on the 1st March we’ll be holding the Cafe at the Foxy’s Cafe opposite the Penarth Station. The Cafe will provide us with a Welsh Cawl (soup) with bread & cheese for approx £5 per person, then you can buy your own drinks or cakes etc as required. so we’ll collect the soup money on the door as your entry fee on that evening! It should be a fab evening in a truly Welsh local Cafe! We’ll do a quiz there plus hopefully some music & have a go at our Welsh National Anthem too!
Then after March 29th, we have our Easter holiday break & the Cafe will then restart on Thursday April 19th.
We’re hoping to plan a weekend away then for the weekend of 27-29th April 2018. We’d like to confirm this asap so will need to know how many may wish to join us? We’re checking prices at the moment for possibly North Wales (Snowdonia, Caernarvon Castle, Port Meirion etc) , or Bath/Salisbury Cathedral & Stone Henge, or any other suggestions!
See you Thursday
Cafe Team
Don’t forget we’re on Cafe International Penarth Facebook too, plus Instagram & Twitter @cafe_penarth
Welcome to the Cafe International – the Cafe provides a social hub where folks can relax, have fun and meet so many new friends as well as find support in so many ways.
We welcome students, au pairs and any internationals living or working locally – whether you are new to the UK/Wales or have been here for some time. For those who wish we provide a free English language class from 7:45 – 8:30pm each Thursday evening. 
We meet every Thursday evening (in term time) from 7:30 – 10:30pm at:
The Tabs Centre
Plassey Street
Vale of Glamorgan
CF64 1EN
A programme of weekly activities for the term can be found on the What’s On? page on this website and on the Cafe International Penarth Facebook page.
 Best Wishes
Cafe Team

Mob Naomi: 07870 206556

Check out this communal poem we all wrote at the Cafe recently – it’s amazing!!


Our International Cafe


Is friendship, warmth and above all fun

Is simply the best way of socialising

and therefore making new friends

sharing stories over a cup of tea


is a very nice place to meet various

and other-country friends; So I like ‘here’.

Its a home where home is away

a lovely atmosphere that makes me feel like home


Love people – listening to stories

talking to people, wonderful people

shared cultures and food

lovely place…lovely people


Nice to see people enjoying themselves

Playing table tennis etc; its a good place

for meeting new people and I like the cafe foods

that great british menu; a roast and a stew


Its great to meet people from so many cultures

and interact with many cultures all over the world,

the possibility of travelling in and out of wales


I’ve learnt to speak to people, not just for English,

its social skills too. I’m so appreciative of people who

manage this cafe. I am meeting ‘the Diff’erent people



I’ll always be grateful to the cafe they offer amazing

experiences to me and my students

Now I’m one foreigner amongst many

geat organisation


The naturalness of a multi-culture community

Interaction with internationals on a regular basis

a fun way to learn about different cultures

where lives can cross paths and folks can shake hands around the world


This ‘coffee’ is the convergence of civilisations

There are very few places where I could be myself

Church, home and here

Blessings and love to you all!!!